Sunday, October 30, 2011

David_Kong Week 9 assignment.

This is what I got so far... for my exterior of the ancient empire. My idea for this one is that i would like to incorporate the giant flying manta ray and have the empire sit on the back of the giant manta ray. I wanted to show the main character of my story, trying to figure out a way to enter the flying empire without anyone notice so he could save his daughter from getting sacrifice by the evil dark warlock.

The outside environment is very different from our planet, there is a BIG shift in daytime and night time. During the daytime, all the plant life burials themselves in the ground waiting for the night time to come, so it can emerge from the ground and show their true colors.

Jared Jones - Week 9 (Argol Story part 2)

Decided to do a quick model in maya using primitives, rendered a few scenes will paint into them soon.  If anyone has any ideas for lighting or particular views please let me know.

My plan for my pieces are as follows:

Establishing shot:  Banishment - shows Xi'lonians being banished from Argol city.  Moonlit scene, Xi'lonians carrying torches

Interior shot: Observers - interior shot of Argol elder tower, elder looking out over mountains, deep red glow as a nearby city is burned to the ground.

Point of Interest: Last Stand - Close up shot of the Argol city entrance, corpses cover the ground, four Argol defenders left standing


Transmission: We just got a report of where the hostage is being held. The diplomat is on the third floor of the old energy plant ten miles SE of town. You mission, if you accept, is to gain access to the building, rescue the hostage and escape before anybody knows. Be warned, the perimeter is heavily guarded.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Space Opera: Prologue

Gist of the story
Frame 1: The main character's space colony is under attack.
Frame 2a: He is inside a cockpit looking at the battle that is happening
Frame 2b: He is trying to find a way to help the battle, is going through hallways to find anything that could help
Frame 3: He finds the Robot. And is getting on it possibly.
I like the 2b one better and it makes these three frames be the prologue of the story instead of the whole story.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in a virtual reality.


refined a few: 


Ideas and Reference

Thumbnails: The Rabbit Hole

Still Alice in Wonderland Themed. Refs are on my other computer - will update this post later.

Week 8

Jared Jones - Week 8

Finishing thumbnails at the moment, here is what I have so far.

Short version of story (disclaimer: contains broken grammar):  People of Argol create a powerful stone, use it to bring people together.  Some want to use it for evil, get banished.  Banished are known as Xi'lonians, begin taking over smaller neighboring nations.  Argol elders fear imminent attack, use stone to craft powerful weapons for their warriors.  Xi'lonians have stone too, but much weaker, use it to craft weapons.  Attack comes, Xi'lonians outnumber and are more experienced, Argol weapons do little to help their warriors.  Elders sacrifice themselves to destroy stone and release energy that helps remaining Argol defenders defeat Xi'lonians and destroy their stone.  Four defenders are left standing, a warrior, healer, mage and rogue.

The story is a history of a game pitch where you play as the surviving four defenders from Argol.  The Xi'lonians return with abominations created using shards from the original Argol stone.


Free-handing ellipses on a tablet is much more difficult than I thought, will make up for the two I am missing in the next round.  Feel like these are really sloppy, will improve my quality as much as possible next round.  If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to voice them, I am having some difficulties with this.

Hai Hoang Sketches

I had a story I've been working on for 3 years :) These are the sketches I've done for the scene when the main character and his group arrive at the Misty Harbor ...

Thumbnails exterior

These are thumbnails for the exterior city.

10 thumbnails

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Personal Project, scene #1 (exterior establishing shot)

20 thumbs plus your reference for when we meet up in 2 weeks.

show at least 10 thumbs and ref by next tuesday.

and make it look cool.

image by John Park,

Hai Hoang HW 7

Wk7 Interior

Indoor Perspective

Crossing Over_David Kong

I rework the previous concept and I added some colors to set the mood.

Interior painting_David Kong

Week 8 Max Trudeau

week 8

Week 7 - Indoor Perspective

Past Examples

Heres a couple good examples (Note the nice, professional layouts!)