Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 point perspective

It's not letting me load the line work, but I have it available if you want to take a look.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey, This is late but I wanted some feedback anyways. I think the perspective is pretty accurate but I'm struggling with this digital painting thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Gino: The painting looks good, i think the main issue is consistent lighting. You have a light coming from the side, into this barracks, but the vehicle inside is lit from the top. Even if the vehicle was supposed to be lit with a light fixture above or something like that, it doesnt read, and just gets confusing. As soon as you can, decide a light source and stick to it. I made your light source a bit higher since its unrealistic for outdoor light to shine from such an angle, unless its sunrise or sunset, and both of those create these long drawn out shadows that would be a pain, so i simplified. The rest of it is just visual narritive, figure out whats happening in the scene and riff of it! Good luck.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HW 3 pt perspective

3 pt perspective drawing, toning / rendering optional

an interior or exterior

do NOT put all 3 VPs on one page!

determine if your horizon line is high or low!

Remember the effect that 3pt perspective has, stage your shot to have dramatic effect!

there are no parallel lines in 3 pt perspective! All lines go back to a vanishing point, weather its on the page or not!


sorry for all the exclamation! Perspective is exciting!

homewerk week #3


Week 3 Homework - 2pt Perspective

Still a work in progress. I'll upload one with the perspective lines as soon as Photoshop decides to be more cooperative with me.

Wk 3 - two point perspective

Check out dat ride yo

HW week 3

HW #3

Sorry but I can't make it to class today, I caught the flu this weekend. Here's what I managed to complete through the haze.

Homework #3

Homework #3

Homework 3 - 2pt

Homework, 2pt

Hw 2 1pt perspective environment make up

It's dooooneee yaaaaaaay!!!