Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ship Crash

HW: Same as last week, but open topic. Lets take the drawing to a more finished level this week.

Rapid Viz!

Buy this book. Do it.


Hai Hoang HW 4

still working on it :p


Alexandrea Lineck Wk. 4

Homework Assignment #4

Max Trudeau-Temple

Ruined but not Lost

Shading seems weird.

Homework 4 2pt environment

Ruined Temple of the Horned Ones - James Joyce

Homework Week 4, Anissa Tchoub

I feel like I didn't end up using perspective in enough of the elements, only the wall really and the block a little bit. I can add in something more if necessary...

David Kong HW #4

I revised the previous one ....... and its looked much better now. Thanks Gino! =)

Homework Week 4

Edit: Made a more complex temple of the horned one.

Jared Jones - Week 4

Unfortunately, I had poor time management this weekend, was unable to get this  as finished as I would have liked.

Monday, September 26, 2011

2 pt perspective

Edit: Here i just solidified perspective a bit, the lines were getting a bit shaky. Repeating a few elements and getting more overlap will help to get the illusion of distance. Also, in terms of values, your solid black colors should never be in the mid ground like that, darkest values go in front, and recede into distance. If this is a night time shot, the moon is a bit too low for it to be so dark, we usually see more daylight if the moon is that low on the horizon.

David Kong_ HW #4

Edit: The 3rd vanishing point is quite a bit too close to the page, resulting in the tilted doorway effect you have here. I raised the top vanishing point, and re established some of the wonky perspective. Remember to make sure your lines are hitting the vanishing point.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wk 4

As for paintovers: I see alot of the same issues with everyone, so rather than paint the same correction 20 times, were going to revisit plotting shadows one more time when we jump into 3 point next week... This time well get it for sure.

If you have any questions or would still like to see something specifically, feel free to ask here, im happy to help.

note bout the 3rd vanishing point (someone asked in class): it can be placed anywhere between your first 2 vanishing points. Going too far to either side may result in distortion.


hay hay week 3 HW

ain't got no money for a tablet 

Max Trudeau week3

Week 3 Homework

Homework 3

3rd Homework Assignment

I was having a few issues with the homework as well, mainly the shadow casting back into the horizon.

Homework 3 - James Joyce

Week 3